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Kazha Imura

"Skin by Figments"

Photograph with Pin Scratchings


"Tide (At Dawn)"

Photograph with Pin Scratchings


(Source: www2.ocn.ne.jp)


Mariette Valsan as ENCHANTRESS

model : mariette valsan
make up & hair : Chetan Karkhanis
styling : sushant panchal & Mehak Mina
concept & photography : sushant panchal
assistant photographer : Parija Shinde & Priyanka Kirve
jewellery : sia jewellery

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Bright lights big city

Bright lights big city

[Your sister’s name] [Your brother’s name] [Your cousin’s name] [Your sister’s name] [Your name]

—African American Parents trying to get a child’s attention. (via blkproverbs)

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My Dad's response to his white co-workers making fun of his accent

  • White Co-Worker: That's not how you say it.
  • My Dad: But you knew what I meant so why do you have to make a big deal out of it.
  • White Co-Worker: Aww come on man, it's funny, lighten up will yah Nestor?
  • My Dad: You know I speak 5 languages, right? How many can you speak?
  • White Co-Worker: Just English
  • My Dad: Tell me something. What does a cow say?
  • White Co-Worker: Moo?
  • My Dad: That's right, the cows in my country say that too. You know why? They can only speak one language *walks away*
  • White Co-Worker: *sheds white tears*
1st day back to work after a long rewarding vacation. … the sun is shining … hopefully my mood will stay pleasant

1st day back to work after a long rewarding vacation. … the sun is shining … hopefully my mood will stay pleasant

White gays profiles

Ok so i waited…. so we arent gonna talk about white dudes who are now putting “mixed” or “other race” in the profiles? ?? Like im pretty surr they r doing it so they show up in searches when ppl us criteria that block out white. Like i cant think of another reason they would. Like can they really think they are mixed? ?? White gays r just a whole nother level of which i cant deal.



"OMG you’re so dark"


"So where in Africa are you from? Nigeria? 


"Make sure you marry a light skin man/woman or your kids will be too dark"


"You should tone down the bright colors, it makes your dark skin stand out too much"


"You’re actually cute for a dark skin girl/guy"


*Insert midnight/disappearing in dark joke here*


Fuck everyone that has something negative to say about dark ppl. Dark skin is beautiful

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Flying Lotus, as always making you feel it—another insane video by Hiro Murai: Flying Lotus - Never Catch Me ft. Kendrick Lamar